How to Create Meaningful Automated messages for your Property rentals

As a short term rental owner, your time is valuable, and you may not always be able to respond to inquiries or requests  from potential or current guests in a timely manner. This is where automated messages come in handy.


Automated messages are pre-written messages that are triggered by specific events, such as a new inquiry or a rent payment confirmation by your guests. 

These messages can save you time and ensure that your tenants receive timely and professional communication from you. In this article, we will discuss how to create meaningful automated messages for your properties.

First and foremost, personalization is key. Addressing the guest by their name, using a warm greeting, and acknowledging their booking details can help create a personalized message that shows the guest you care.

In addition, providing important information is crucial. Make sure to include check-in instructions, directions to the property, and house rules to ensure guests are well-prepared for their stay.

Here are the automated messages we send our to our guests staying in one of our properties:

1. A thank you message once a guest has confirmed their registration, where our guest vetting form is tied into.

2. Our Live like a local guides automated message, where we give guests an idea on what to expect and where to go and stroll around.

3. Check-in instructions 5 hours before guests check-in, where we inform guests on how to access our lock box, inform guests for parking, and a quick reminder on house rules.

4. A follow-up automated message to make sure that guests are comfortable once they check-in.

5. Check-out instructions to remind guests regarding their check-out time. This may also be an opportunity to ask for feedback to see if guests have enjoyed their stay.

If you’d like to receive a template for our messages, please send us an email at or contact us here.

Offering local recommendations is also a great way to make guests feel more connected to the area. You can customize recommendations based on the guest’s interests and the purpose of their visit.

Expressing gratitude for the guest’s booking and choosing your property can help create a positive relationship. Thanking them for their stay and encouraging them to leave a review can also help boost your property’s visibility on Airbnb.

Lastly, it’s important to remain available and responsive to guests during their stay. Encourage guests to reach out if they have any questions or concerns, and provide them with a way to contact you directly.

For a copy of our automated message templates, please email us at or contact us here.

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